Play Bonus Bingo at Manhattan Slots Casino

Bonus Bingo is another specialty game in which the computer system spontaneously chooses 4 cards and places a $0.05 bet for the player. It is played using ordinary 5 x 5 bingo sheets just like in real life. Bets and the number of sheets can be modified by selecting them with your cursor to turn them on or off. You can also modify your cards before each round. Simply select the "change cards" key to get a new set of sheets. Click "play" and, next, the computer will pick 44 balls at random to cover the corresponding numbers on your 4 cards. You win if the design of covered numbers ties with any of the preset patterns. It's as simple as that.

Manhattan Slots Casino offers a version of Bonus Bingo for its players to enjoy. It comes with various features that make the experience more exciting and fulfilling. The individual designs or patterns that you win are determined by the initial bet that was placed. Different bets offer different payouts. Plus, this activity rewards players with multipliers that increase the amount of the payout by 2 or 3 times. You could be granted with a multiplier whenever you click the "play" key. Once you earn one, decide which of your sheets you will use it on. Additional benefits also come secondary to a bonus balls option that provides even more prizes or extra turns.

Other ways to win include specialty patterns. There will be instances when the numbers on a card are covered so that several designs are established all at one. You earn the award related to each style as long as those designs do not overlap. If they do overlap, then you will only be rewarded with the payout related to the overlapping design. As you can see, there are many ways to win big in this online variation of the traditional offering. It is perhaps the easiest and quickest to play among all online casino specialties. Simply put, if one of your sheets matches with the set designs on the table, you win!